At Work

This Catahoula page still under construction.

Who says you can't have fun at work? There is nothing like watching good dogs working like they are bred to, and loving it. If  you have a Croft Catahoula with some working shots feel free to e-mail or snail mail them. Who knows? You may end up with your workin' partner on the web! Hog and other hunting shots are also welcome. We've bayed hogs some but alas, no photos.


Croft Catahoula's working stock in Arkansas.


Croft Catahoulas working stock in Mississippi.


Croft's Colt, left, at 3+ months starting to work.


Dube and Christy (Croft's Cassy's folks)

Copy (3) of cboots2

A Croft pup taking a breather after a hard days work in California.

Cracker's Tuf and much loved  AQHA mareTari Que, double grand daughter of Doc Bar. Point is this, our dogs work and work GREAT - but I could trust Tuf to work my favorite mare without hurting her. Tuf has his own page which is currently under development. One great dog. The Great Cowboy in the sky is definately haveing less trouble gathering his cattle now he has Tuf to help him.


End of a hard days work. Caleb and Tuf.


Cowdog Trial, Tupelo MS.


It's nice to have a Catahoula or two on hand to help catch reluctant workers!!

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