Croft At Stud

         Croft Catahoulas



These are the NALC registered males I am currently standing at stud. My goal is to keep the Catahoula what it is, an all around working dog. The Catahoula is not just another cool looking pooch. It is a bona fide hunting and working stock dog. Because it is so intelligent it is also suited to K-9 and search & rescue work (something to which only a few breeds of dog have the talent and brains to master). These dogs like to have a job to do.

 Many folks do not realize that while you may attempt to breed for a certain color (good luck) and size you can also unknowingly breed OUT "nose" (ability to hunt) and stock saavy. Just because a dog has great color doesn't mean it is even a Catahoula (many breeds come with the merle gene: Australian Shephard, Great Dane, Dachund; blue eyes? Australian Shephard, Border Collie, Huskie...get my point?).

Many Pedigrees can be found at our Hall Of Fame site .

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