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Reference only. The following dogs have been sold along with one other started dog not listed to work cattle. They had all been used on cattle in the pasture and at several cow dog trials. They were all well started but not finished cowdogs. They came from respectable working stock on the top and bottom. One (Croft's Buck) is a proven stud, having sired a litter AND producing puppies that work cattle and will hunt hogs. The other (Croft's Showtime Tuf) has a litter pending in April. Have a look below. There is a spot to click to see their pedigrees in the section for each individual dog.

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SOLD   1999 Male Croft's Buck: Buck is a very humble dog with a medium size build (approx. 65 pounds). He has produced one litter for us and as far as we know all the puppies that were asked to work for a living do. We kept one (Croft's Jolie) and she is a jam up cow dog. Photos of her working can be seen at the puppies for sale 4/2001 litter. Her littermate went to Florida and is also a really good young cow dog.   Buck loves to work, probably the biggest complaint we have with the way he works is that he does not want to quit. With fairly limited exposure he has developed nicely and will work alone with a small group of cattle or in company with other dogs. Buck has also been to at least 3 NALC cow dog trials this year. We are selling him because we are thining out our male population to make room for the next Croft Catahoula generation. If you are interested in Buck please e-mail and we will contact you. Click HERE for pedigree. Buck has one blue and one brown eye.

ccBuck 1

Croft's Buck 1999 Male


Photo to Left: Buck working horses. Buck is the one with the pink dot under him.

Photo Below: Croft's Jolie, daughter of Buck at about 10 months old working some cattle. She is the dog on the right, closest to the cow.


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SOLD 1998 Male Croft's Showtime Tuf: Showtime is a larger NALC reg. male Catahoula. He was started on cattle last fall and has worked cattle both in the pasture and at lease 3 NALC Cow Dog trials. Showtime was 2000 NALC Reserve High Point Male at the NALC Tupelo, MS show. I do not currently have any photos of Showtime working stock but he must do okay or he wouldn't have scored so well at his second cow dog trial. We are anxiously awaiting his first litter mid-May 2001. He is a larger Catahoula, probably exceeding 80 pounds but he is not what I would call a stocky built dog. He has a medium build in proportion to his height.  We are selling him because we are thining out our male population to make room for the next Croft Catahoula generation. If you are interested in Showtime please e-mail and we will contact you.Showtime has two blue eyes.Click Here for his pedigree.

cShowB cShowtimeTuf1

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