Croft's Hall of Fame

Congratulations. You have reached Croft Catahoula's Hall of Fame. Our page for Croft Catahoula owners to show off their Croft dogs. This site is currently under construction. I hope to have it up to date by the end of September (only 3 months behind schedule, but who's counting).

We are excited about this page, the success of which will depend upon contributions from Croft Catahoula Owners. Don't be shy! E-mail your photos to us with a brief story and we will post, either by the dog's name or yours. If you wish to keep your name and/or location off the net we understand and will keep them unlisted if you request it.  If you do not have a scanner e-mail us and we will send you an address you can snail mail your returnable photo to.

Thanks for your contributions,

Croft Catahoulas