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updated 3/06

 A Louisiana Catahoula is not just another cool looking dog. It was developed through use and need. Only dogs fitting the needs of the owner were bred. The Louisiana Catahoula developed into a great hunting and stock dog with heart to spare and a kindness for it's family. It is very territorial. A Catahoula will work all day and hunt all night. Because the Catahoula is a dog bred primarily to work and is very intelligent it is generally happiest if it has a job to do. Many Catahoulas are used in agility, K-9, narcotics, search & rescue and other equally impressive and useful occupations in addition to working stock and hunting.

Being listed as a certified breeder does not guarantee ethics in genetics.


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Croft's Colt (Croft's Mandy x Croft's Gunner), Best Of Show Puppy, NALC Fall Show, LA 9/2000; first place 6-9 mo old males NALC MS 11/00.


Dube , Best Of Show Male, NALC MS show 11/2001, first place senior males NALC MS 11/01, FL 2002.


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