These are links to sites I have developed or that are currently under development:

http://joerider.tripod.com/home.html  large, multi layer site. I wrote the copy for this site, did the layout including photo layout. Contains pure html code.

http://joerider.tripod.com/mrped.html  pure html code, written from scratch.

http://joerider.tripod.com/horse.html   Croft Horse Training. I wrote the copy for this site and did the layout.  Contains pure html code.

http://joerider.tripod.com/hshoe.html    Rufus Croft Horseshoeing Service. I wrote the copy for this site and did the layout..

http://kcupojoe.tripod.com/bulldog/home.html  Croft A.D.B.A. American Pit Bull Dogs. Contains pure html code, photos etc. I did the copy and layout.

http://joerider.tripod.com/amsoil/home.html This site is pending.

E-mail to: kcroft99@yahoo.com