Away with Fleas: Get Rid of the Bugs!!

By J. Rider
If you own dogs and cats you have probably had a flea problem in your house. I have discovered a great, simple, odorless, safe and cheap method to exterminate these nasty bugs, and am going to share it with you. I know, it sounds too good to be true. It is called 20 Mule Team Borax.
  1. Go to your local grocery or discount store. Head for the laundry detergent section.
  2. Purchase one box of 20 Mule Team Borax.One box will do a 1200 sq. foot house at least two times.
  3. Sprinkle this evenly on your carpet, tile, wood floor, upholstery and what have you. Make sure you get every nook and cranny, because what is left out will still have fleas. (I use an large empty spice bottle as a sprinkler).
  4. Take an ordinary household broom and lightly sweep in a brisk back and forth motion over your carpet to get it into the pile.
  5. Forget about the whole thing for 48 hours.
  6. Break out the vacuum cleaner for the carpet and upholstery, Sweep thoroughly.
  7. Break out the broom and dust pan. Sweep the hard surfaces.
  8. Claim Victory over the pesty bugs!!!

That's all there is to it. What little residue that is left will not make your house sticky or cause problems. In fact it will keep the fleas away for a while. Repeat as necessary (usually every one to three months).