Croft Web Site Design

Under construction 2/2002

Welcome to Croft Web Site Design. I am Kim Croft, designer. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Design and a Master of Science degree. I also have many years experience in various manufacturing professional positions and other business interests. Please view my Portfolio page for samples.

What does this mean to you, my client? Today many web site designers have either a graphic design back ground or a computer science background. This is nice - and helpful - when creating a web site. But it is not all you need to create a valuable web site.

Face it, most graphic designers are interested in true design only. Design IS important but if no one can remember the content because it was difficult to read or follow your site isn't really doing the job. Unfortunately most die-hard graphic designers will usually choose looks over content delivery (sorry guys, I have an art minor, I know how they can be). But a site does need to be attractive.

Bells and whistles? Well, they can be nice if they don't add to browser loading time and detract from the main content. Ever see a neat commercial on television that was really creative, describe it to someone in great detail but can't remember the product being advertised? Not too useful for a web site either. Studies have shown that if a site takes too long to load (less than a minute) folks will just click you off and go to another place! If you don't believe it just time yourself next time someone places you on hold. After about 15 secs you get ansy after 60 secs most folks start to mutter. Bells and whistles can cause longer site loading times. Die hard computer science folks tend to like computer-eze gadgetry. Sometimes fun but a fun web site is no good to you if no one waits around for it to open.

I have design, marketing and computer experience. My industrial design background  included an art minor, business minor, ergonomics (human factors engineering) and product design. My Masters degree included much business, engineering, administration, marketing research and human factors engineering as it pertains to how folks process information - including the written word. My manufacturing experience has given me experience in writing procedures and working with much miscellaneous computer stuff. My free lance experience has allowed me the opportunity to write educational material as well.

All information required for your site development will be held in strictest confidence. Information may be sent via e-mail or snail mail. Photos may be sent via e-mail or snail mail if required for your site. The site becomes property of the client upon payment in full for the site. A CD copy of the site is also sent to the client as a back up.

I will add to this site as I develop more web-sites. You will see several resume's, all of which are mine. My extremely varied background should allow me to  understand your needs as a client. This site will also contain links to samples of my work among other things.

I can be reached by e-mail at This site is currently under  construction .