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Credentials: Kim Croft, Horse Trainer

                      Equine Education
1967 - 1968; and winters 1969, 70, 71, 76, 77 Casa Bonita, Oshtemo Michigan. 
Dicipline: English Hunt Seat and Jumping. Under Bonita Fitch, founder of the 
Thercheron warmblood breed. Affiliated with the Battle Creek Hunt Club, Michigan. 
She also provided all horsemanship courses for Western Michigan University 
at her facility. 
1968 - 1978 Gunnick Arabians, Three Rivers Michigan. Dicipline: Dressage, 
1969 - 78 Apprentice Trainer under Frank Gunnick, Austria(Graduate of Spanish 
Riding School in Vienna Austria - home of the Lippizan horses). Also retrained and
prepared horses to be used as lesson horses purchased for this purpose. Exercised 
and presented Champion Dressage Arabian Stallion 1969 - 1978. Not during winter months.
1972, 73 winters Kirkland Arabians, Parchment Michigan. DIcipline: Dressage under 
Rosie Kirkland. Rosie spent every summer studying Dressage in Europe under Master 
Instructors returning to Michigan to share what she learned.
1974 - 75 winter and spring Lou-Don Farms, Galesburg, Michigan. Dicipline: Jumping
1970 - 1977 Kalamazoo County 4 - H and Horse Science Program sponsored by University 
of Michigan and county Agriculture extension office.

                      Equine Activities Experience
1970 - 1977 Kalamazoo County 4 - H and Horse Science Program: Always a AAA rating 
in Horse Science, deomonstrations, public speaking, judging team (members chosen 
by comittee selection to represent our Region), Quiz Bowl team (members chosen by 
committee selection to represent our Region). 
1969 - 1978 Apprentice trainer under Frank Gunnick, Austria(Graduate of Spanish 
Riding School in Vienna Austria - home of the Lippizan horses) Gunnick Arabians, 
Three Rivers Michigan.
1973 - 74 Trainer, Bean Appaloosas
1975 - 1987 Gave riding lessons, seminars and demonstrations in Michigan and Florida
1976 - 1977 Teen Leader - 4-H group
1978 4-H leader, Horse Project
1979 - 1983 Trained horses for others full and part time
1988 - present trained horses for others full and part time
1975 - present Judge horses show classes in Michigan, Florida and Arkansas. I am 
qualified to judge and have judged the following classes: driving, halter, showmanship, 
english equitation, english pleasure, saddle seat equitation, saddle seat pleasure, 
hunter under saddle, hunter hack, western pleasure, western equitation, jumping and trail.
1995 Equine export to Germany, 1996 Barrel Racing fastest time in Germany, horse 
belonging to one of two clients.

                      Horse Training/Showing Experience
1970 - 1990 Although I do not show often at this time, I have shown extensively 
in the following diciplines in all kinds of shows in Michigan and Florida and 
have received show high point, event high point and too many ribbons to count 
Halter                       Showmanship
English Pleasure             English Equitation
Western Pleasure             Western Equitation
Jumping over fences up to 5' Bareback Equitation
Dressage                     Trail
Barrel Racing                Pole Bending
Team Penning                 American Quarter Horse Assoc. 3000 hour achievement award
Additionally I have also trained horses for:
Work Cattle
Rope horses (started)
Stakes Winning Thoroughbred Race Horses
Stakes Winning American Quarter Horses
Assisted in Vetrinary evaluations of Race horses
Reconditioned racehorses returning from lay-up
Reserve State Champion Ameteur Stallion Tennesee Walking Horse
Trail Riding
Endurance Riding
And performed owner pre-purchase evaluations

I have also attended and still study monthly seminars, tapes and literature presented 
by Richard Shrake, World Champion and World Champion Judge and trainer, Johy Lyons, 
world known trainer, Buck Branaman, world known trainer, Sally Swift, United 
States Equestrian Team dressage adviser and author, Martha Josey, world champion barrel 
racer and trainer and author and others.

Professional Memberships
American Quarter Horse Association, Life Member
American Paint Horse Association
National Foundation Quarter Horse Association

1983 Graduate Western Michigan University, B.S.
1986 Graduate University of South Florida, M.S.