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Croft Horse Training

Welcome to Kim Croft Horse Training. I am located in Central Florida. I have been studying and training horses for over 30 years. My name is Kim Croft. I believe each horse is an individual with his or her own unique personality and talents, as is each horse owner. I develop a personalized training program for each horse/owner team. My goal in training is to develop a horse that will be more than something to hang a saddle on: a working partner with the skills to build on in any discipline. I have developed these techniques over many years. Not suprising, these techniques are consistent in theory with many current, popular systems that work on building a relationship with your horse, not creating resistance.

I work with all types of horses (western, english, basic dressage, basic reining, gaited, "backyard riding", the basics of jumping, barrels, starting race horses (all work up to the gate), lay-ups, and others). Each "job" requires a certain basic set of skills and then a specialized skill base (for instance you don't want a sliding stop or a hair trigger turn on a race track horse ).

My methods are consistant and have proven themselves to me over the years. I spend time studying each horse every day as he works and at rest. I review what is working and what needs more work. Many folks are surprised to find that I don't get on a horse to ride the first time for about one (to up to two) weeks. These same folks are also surprised this horse will be as far along in 30 days as the "cowboy broke" horse. Usually further. A cowboy broke horse usually needs to be ridden every day for several months or you have to start over. Since I teach the horse what I want (instead of scaring him into action) most horses broke by my methods can be put up for a year or more and then saddled and ridden without incident. Handy for weekend riders.

I do the beginning ground work in readiness for THE FIRST RIDE.  This includes all incoming horses that will be ridden, even horses already riding. I have found most are missing at least some basic but very important foundation principles. My training fee includes an appointed time with the owner at my place before the horse goes home and fairly unlimited teleconferences after the horse goes home. This helps smooth the transition home.

Please note that since my move to Central Florida I have semi-retired. I do still conduct Seminars and Consult. For more information please see my Background page.



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