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Kim Croft, copyright 4/2006

Croft's King Charlie

Croft's King Charlie (aka Charlie) is my only male dog and I love him very much. He is sweet and cuddly, and also a little race car outside! Sometimes he is not ready to come in when I call him so he comes near but not near enough to pick up, making "just one more loop" before giving in. Then he races to my feet and throws himself upside down on his back begging "rub my tummy...aren't I cute?". I always agree and rub away before picking him up (who has who trained?). He is also a little cuddle bunny and loves to snuggle.

I named him King Charlie because he seems so regal when he sits and surveys the world...but too cute and whimsicle to be a "Charles". Charlie seemed to fit so King Charlie he became.

Charlie is a beautiful fawn sable with silky long hair, weighing in at 2.1 pounds. He is awsome and everything a chihuahua should be. He has an impecible pedigree (40 Champions in 5 generations, counting mom and dad as generation #1; 81 champions if you want to go 6 generations), as you will see below and is definately show quality. He is the product of the Anne McPhilomy breeding program. He is the sire of all current and future puppies. I do stand him at stud, all females must be AKC registered and have a health certificate. I reserve the right to refuse breeding to any female for any reason. His first litter arrived the end of May 2004.


AKC-Croft Chihuahuas-cute-playful-companionship-love-cuddly-soft-AKC-Croft Chihuahuas-cute-playful-companionship-love-cuddly-soft-
Pedigree: Crofts King Charlie
AKC Registered

                                                                CH Avaloys Happy Dale
                                          CH Coopers Jack Be Nimble// Kleins Wee Spice
                              CH Caj-Rajs Sr Monty of Brandson   Gindons Teddy Thurmer
                                          Chili Bean Grange      Pittores Sandy Sprite
                    CH K-Ws Painted Star of Milady               Caj-Rajs Frosty Gold
                        (Sbl)            CH La Beaus Sterling De Caj-Raj// DCs Felicia of Caj-Raj
                               K-Ws Rainbow Dynasty De La Beau    CH Duvalls Super Sample
                                         K-Ws A New Dynasty       Pratt-Kays Lucky Golden Gal
           Miladys Whos Cheatin Who                               Ch Caj-Rajs Sr Monty of Brandson
                (blk wht)                CH K-Ws Painted Star of Milady// K-Ws Rainbow Dynasty De La Beau
                               Kings Blue Bandit                  Glen Eyres Top Gun
                                         Miladys Leather-N-Lace   Miladys Wee Mecca
                    Miladys Next of Kin                           CH Glen Eyres Chocolate Chip
                          (fn)           Glen Eyres Top Gun       Hales Ladyoffire of Glen Eyre
                               Kings Sweet Sassafras              Miladys Butterscotch Kid
                                         Miladys Moonstruck       Miladys Sand Bunnie
      McPhilomys Tiny Bandit Bird (Sire)                          CH Quachitah Beau Chiene
             (blk wht)                    CH Jo-Els Bravo Bravo   Jo-Els Nikki Mouse
                               Jo-Els Senor Chico                 CH Jo-Els Drummer Boy
                                          CH Jo-Els Sweet Destiny // Dartans Sweet Charity
                    Grafenhorsts Junior Chico                     Tiny Mites Mr Big Bucks
                      (fn spttd on wh)   Grafenhorsts Sun Dancer // Vargas Grafenhorsts Janetta    
                               Grafenhorsts Annie Baby            Vargas Hot Fudge II 
                                         Vargas Grafenhorsts Annie // Vargas Minnie Mouse
            Creels Dancing Lady                                   CH Quachitah Beau Chiene
                 (fn wh mkngs)           CH Jo-Els Bravo Bravo    Jo-Els Nikki Mouse
                                Jo-Els Senor Chico                CH Jo-Els Drummer Boy   
                                         CH Jo-Els Sweet Destiny   Dartans Sweet Charity
                    Grafenhorsts Lil Jewel                         Handwerks Lucky Strike 
                        (fn wh)         CH Tiny Mites Mr Big Bucks  Tiny Mites Happy Jubilee 
                                Grafenhorsts Lil Love Bug          CH Liverman Standing Room Only
  sire                                  Varga's Grafenhorsts Minnie 

dam                                                              CH Flint's Lil' Lucky Robin
                                        CH Handwerk's Lucky Strike// CH Handwerk's Tashiana Bliss     
                                 CH Dartans Elfin Magic          CH Dartan's Super Dude
                                        H Dartans Spun Honey Ouacitah //Dartan's Kandy Kay
                    Brite Star Little Dipper                     CH Dartan's Sunchine Kid Sykes  
                       (red)           CH Dartan's Tony Tiger    Dartan's Beauty        
                                  Brite Star Andromeda           Shroyer's Si Si Snow Prince
                                       Brite Star Galactica      Brite Star Polaris Of Shroyer
              Jacher Show Me Brite Beau L                        Ch Handwerks Lucky Strike     
                   (blk & tan wht mkgs)  Ch Dartan's Pirate Blackbeard// Dartan's Black Eyed Susan
                                   CH Jalwood Jedi               Samuel Boss Seneca
                                        Royal Acres Candy of Jalwood // Sabrina Tootsie La Dots
                    Ch Show-Me Peppermint Patti                  CH Foxies Honey Bear O Pag's
                       (blk & tan)      Ch Karma The American Choclat Bar // Foxies Own Lil' Nutmeg
                                   Ch Karma Majestic Interlude   Ch Foxies Honey Bear O Pag's
                                         Karma Kookies-N-Krackers // Foxies Lil' Angelita Klein
      McPhilomys Cocoabunny Maria (dam)                          Ch Klein's Wee Apache Thunder
                  (chlt & Tn wht mkngs)        CH Singletwin's Chocolate Chip CD // Singletwin's Tiny Mites Pearl
                                   CH Maxwells BJ                Ch Shroyer's Jeri Robin
                                          CH Julies Lil Bootleg Robin // CH Flint's Lil-Love-Robin
                     CH Pratt's Teddy Bears Beard                CH Singletwin's Chocolate Chip CD
                        (cream)           CH Singletwin's Tiny Tiger // Singletwin's Try Baby
                                    Maxwells Flashdance          Hale's Sampson
                                           CH Hale's Well's Bobbie // Hale's Buttons II
                CH Pratt's Shes Gonnabetrouble                   CH Vanderpool's Wee Rowdy Roddy  
                       (blk wht mkgs)     CH Lornas Ivory Tiger  Fullmer's Snow Crystal LC
                                    Ch Alorna's Truckin Tuck     CH Bliss Hoosier Marmaduke
                                           Tiger's Chocolate Cricket Lee //  Fullmer's Chocolate Cricket L                                           
                     Pratt's Judys-Polly                          Duvall's Tico Tim Tam
                          (wht fn mkgs)     Ch Kay's Lucky Golden Boy // Duvall's Vanilla
                                     Pratt's Lucky Gypsy          CH Pratt's Hale Festus Haggan
                                            CH Pratt's-A-Ok       Pratt's Brat
Owned by Kim Croft
Bred by A-Mac Chihuahuas (McPhilomy)

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