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Kim Croft, copyright 4/2006

Creel's Ivory Amaretto

Sadly. Ivory has crossed over the rainbow bridge. She is much missed by all who knew her. I feel priveledged to have known her.

Ivory was just as sweet as she could be. Ivory loved to be held and cuddled. She got so excited when I picked her up she would turn summersaults in my hands and makes all kinds of cute Chihuahua noises. I loved to take her outside when I had gardening and other yard things to do as she was never far from me. If she got out of sight all I had to do is mention her name and she would streak from where ever she was to me. I had hopee to get better photos, it was very bright outside when I took these so she looks a little squinty.

Ivory was the product of Betty Creel's breeding program, AKC registered and a show quality chi having many Champions in her pedigree (24 in 5 generations). She had graciously allowed me to possess this wonderful friend.


AKC-Croft Chihuahuas-cute-playful-companionship-love-cuddly-soft-AKC-Croft Chihuahuas-cute-playful-companionship-love-cuddly-soft-
Pedigree: Creels Ivory Amaretto
AKC Registered

                                         CH Handwerks Lucky Strike
                                  CH Dartans the Invader
                                         Dartans Narona
                    Heatherlys Koko Bware Jimbob 
                        (Chlt fn cr)     CH Hay-Days Breezy Nudnik
                                  CH Heatherlys Chocolate Mocha
                                         CH Heatherlys Golden Girl     
           CH Jimobs Uno Nevada Invasion 
                (Blk Fn Wh Mkgs)         CH Duvalls Dero Diabillo
                                  CH Jonhenris Gypsy Bolero
                                         Ch Gypsy Rapunzel D'Champagnzy
                     CH Jombobs Uno Lacy Bolero
                          (Blk Fn Wh Mkgs) Heatherlys Wrangler Kid
                                  Heatherlys Midnight Lace
                                         Heatherlys Blue Satin-N-Lace
      Grafenhorsts King Mufasa (Sire)                
           (Fn)                          CH Flints Lil' Lucky Robin
                                   CH Handwerks Lucky Strike  
                                         CH Handwerks Tashmiana Bliss
                    CH Tiny Mites Mr Big Bucks
                      (fn)               Tiny Mites Red Rambler        
                                    Tiny Mites Happy Jubilee
                                         Tiny Mites Carmellow
            Grafenhorsts Tanja
                 (fn)                     CH Caj-Rajs Capt Beau    
                                     CH Caj-Rajs Little Robin
                                          Caj-Rajs Dancer's Black Lass
                    Grafenhorsts Susie
                        (red)             Caj-Rajs Lord Jim     
                                     Caj-Rajs Snow Ball Gal
  sire                                    Si Si Puff Puff Del Casa De Cris
  dam                                   CH JC H and Js Magic Maker        
                                 JC Magic Marker
                                        CH JC Classy Chassis
                    Chicola Thunder Rumble       
                       (Blk Fn)         Chico Rye J R Junior            
                                  Chocola Middie Satellite
                                       Chico Comets Midnight
              Senor Chip Hernandez                               
                   (blk wh sptd on wht)  Chico Rye J R Junior
                                   Coco Robert Bostick
                                        Chico La Choco Mint 
                    Chicola Candie Cola
                       (Chlt tn wh mkgs) Chico Rye J R Junior
                                   Chico La Dixie Candie Jean
                                         Chico La Dixie Jean
      Miladys Proud Mary
          (fn)                            CH Coopers Jack Be Nimble
                                   CH Caj-Rajs Sr Monty of Brandson
                                          Chili Bean Grange
                     CH K-Ws Painted Star of Milady
                           (sbl)           CH La Beaus Sterling De Caj-Raj
                                    KWs Rainbow Dynasty De La Beau   
                                           K-Ws Dawn of a New Dynasty
                Miladys Heavenly Rose                
                       (fn)                CH Glen Eyre's Chocolate Chip
                                    Glen Eyres Top Gun  
                                           Hales Ladyofire of Glen Eyre                                              
                     CH Miladys Luvin Spoonful
                              (fn)          Glen Eyres Top Gun
                                     Miladys Tiger Lily
                                            Miladys Gypsie Queen
Owned by Kim Croft

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