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Hernando Del Dink
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Dotson's Hernando Del Dink was a very sweet and loving chihuahua who weighed in at 2 3/4 pounds. Hernando had what is referred to as a "double coat". He was short haired but it was not the texture of a smooth coat. His hair was as soft as a cotton ball. This is produced by having long and short coats in the pedigree. The mating between Hernando and Carmel (smooth coat) resulted in 3 double coats, one smooth coat and one long hair (Roseanne). He is Roseanne's daddy. Unfortunately he passed away before I could enjoy his company and have more pups by him. He was the product of Rosemary Dotson's breeding program and was a wonderful friend.

He is missed very much.

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Pedigree: Dotson's Hernando Del Dink
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