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Kim Croft, copyright 9/2007

Kims Chis

I have 2 puppies available at this time -9/7/07

Croft's King Charlie, from AMac Chihuahuas


Welcome to Kim's Chihuahuas. My chihuahuas are my little rays of sunshine. I am not a breeder of chihuahuas on a large scale. I have chosen to breed my chihuahuas in hopes to spread a little joy in someone's life! Therefore I have chosen my chihuahuas for temperment first and foremost. Some have impecable pedigrees, are show quality and are wonderful. Some are just wonderful. All are small and AKC registered. Their offspring are priced accordingly.

I feel priveledged to own my chihuahuas and that they love me back as much as I love them. I lived in an agricultural community where all amimals seem to need to have a purpose. I was often asked..."yea, but what do they DO..?" That is the easiest question to answer in the world. THEY MAKE ME SMILE! If that isn't a noble purpose in life then I sure don't know what is.

I would also like to take this time to thank the excellent breeders of VERY excellent chihuahuas that have provided some guidence, patience, been very nice and also graciously provided me some very excellent chihuahuas for my breeding stock (Rosemary Dotson, Betty Creel and Ann McPhilemy, all of N. Florida). I am located in Mt. Plymouth, Florida (Central Florida). ( please excuse the dark photos. I have not mastered indoor photography with my digital camera yet).

I accept payment via Paypal and Western Union (credit card, etc.), money order and personal check (I hold papers until it clears).


Creel's Ivory Amaretto (left) and Carmel's Blue Swirl (right)


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