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Croft's Roseanne Hernando
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Rose Anne Hernando was born here. She was tiny tiny as a puppy but is about 4 pounds or so. She is very sweet and energetic zipping here and there exploring everything every where she goes. We call her our little "Rocket Dog" .

She is the mother of the 2007 litter. Very sweet as well.

AKC-Croft Chihuahuas-cute-playful-companionship-love-cuddly-soft-AKC-Croft Chihuahuas-cute-playful-companionship-love-cuddly-soft-
Pedigree: Crofts Rose Anne Hernando
AKC Registered

                    Dinky Doodle Dandy II               
                       (Fn Brdl Wh Mkgs)
           Dotsons Rinky Dink  AKC DNA
              (Fn Brdld Blk Wh Mkgs) 
                   Chicos Sugar Chickita
                        (Blk & Wh) 
   Dotson's Hernando Del Dink (sire)
                    Dotsons Macho Machito                
                         (Blk & Tn)                     
           Dotsons Darling Desirae
                 (Blk & Tn Wh Mkgs)          
                    Dotsons Roseita                 
                    (Rd Wh Mkgs)  
                    Harley-Pop G St Pierre               
                       (Wh Fn Mkgs)
           Harmony's Ten Spots 
              (Fn&Wh sptd on Wh) 
                   Kikki Paige-Bey St Pierre
                        (Wh Fn Mkgs) 
   Caramels Blue Swirl (dam)
        (Blk & Tn Wh Mkgs)                              
                    Harmonys Littl Rockafeller                
                         (Blk & Tn)                     
           Princess Tammy Davis
                 (Fn Wh Mkgs)          
                    Harmonys Miss Foxy                   
                    (Fn Wh Mkgs)  

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